We had the amazing opportunity to provide coverage of one of the most legendary groups of rock music, METALLICA!

This past Wednesday, July 12, the World Wired tour made its stop at Comerica Park.  In tow, Volbeat and Avenged Sevenfold to open the show.  With times being bumped up earlier and set lists being shortened, it was a chaotic but rip-rocking good time.

While watching Metallica play and interact with each other on stage, they gave off the vibe that they were really actually having fun.  Like back in the day, when they played and jammed in the garage.  I think the highlight of the evening was watching Lars’ purple drum kit rise from the center of the walkway.  Then seeing Lars’ bend down and pick up a little girl, maybe six years old, from the Snake Pit VIP crowd and place her on his stool.  Sticks in hand she looked around, as if she really wanted to give a go on the drums she was placed in front of.  With one reassuring nod from Lars’ she gave it her all sending the enormous crowd into a frenzy.

What an honor and privilege it was to be able to experience such a spectacle of a show.

For more info on the remaining dates for the tour and to purchase your official merch hit up the Metallica website.