It’s that time of year again and the demented duo, Twiztid, return home to Detroit for another year of FrightFest fun. The Majestic Theatre will host this musical horrorshow with an amazing line-up including Blaze, The ROC, Kung Fu Vampire and up and comers, Neurotic November.


Hailing from South Florida, Neurotic November is harder and louder than the rest of the FrightFest roster but they have been on the road with Twiztid for the last month and the Juggalos have been nothing but accepting. “It’s been crazy and a lot of people were skeptical about us being on the tour but it’s been insane!” Neurotic November vocalist Dee Dee told HEAR. “It’s been a great ride.”


Having their debut album, Anunnaki drop a year ago Neurotic November  has been touring to support the album and meeting and greeting fans from all over. “My favorite thing about touring is meeting everyone that likes our band. I tell everyone at every show to meet me by our table  and I want to know all I can about each and every person.” Dee Dee explained. “I’ll tell them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram me. I answer every message I get so if I don’t answer you I didn’t get it and leave me a message on my wall.”


With a hard hitting sound, mixing rap and metal together on many of their songs, Neurotic November makes their second appearance in Michigan on the FrightFest stage. They came through last summer with Wayne Static and played everyone’s favorite Flint destination, The Machine Shop. I for one can’t wait to see them live and you too should make your way to Majestic Theatre on Devil’s Night, October 30th for what’s going to be one helluva show. They will be back on the road in December so keep your eyes open for more appearance, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to stay informed.


“Anyone coming out for the Twiztid show get there early ‘cus we do some crazy ass shit on stage and you need to see it all!” Dee Dee bragged to HEAR. He then added, talking about his fans,  “I love each and every one of you and please continue to contact me.”

Doors are at 6 PM and tickets are still available for Thursday’s show. There is a FrightFest after party that is already sold out. For more info check out the following sites:

-Brian Benn