‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ the saying goes. Well now what happens there could have more lasting consequences if you’re not careful. Las Vegas bound ragers will soon be subject to new night club regulations. This follows the backlash of steep fines imposed on local night clubs over the past few years. Building on this groundswell of stricter enforcement, the Nevada Gaming Commission has passed down new rules, which require all club employees to register in compliance with. These rules use vague language like “determine and engage appropriate security personnel” on a more than regular basis and hold employees accountable for “unsuitable methods of operation.”

But what specifically has prompted this new oversight in sin city? Well between 2012 and 2015, drug and prostitute related busts were not surprisingly in full swing. These busts, while not a new occurrence, resulted in an unusually steep 500,000 dollar fine for Mandalay Bay at its House of Blues Foundation Room and a combined million dollar fine for clubs owned by the Palms.

The question now becomes whether the commission has overextended its reach, as these resort night clubs offer more than just gambling. This New Years Eve alone, artists like Tiësto, Alesso, Pretty Lights, Calvin Harris and Diplo will be hosting sets at different clubs throughout town. The UNLV Center for Gaming Research estimates that well over 60 percent of club revenues come from entertainment that isn’t gambling and this percentage most likely jumps even higher the younger the demographic. Yet it’s a gambling commission that’s imposing these new sweeping reforms.

Only time will tell how strictly these new measures are enforced. In the meantime check out how Calvin Harris will be spending NYE in Vegas, and be sure not to ignore this heightened oversight during your partying!

H/T: Vegas Inc