Exclusive Interview with HEAR Magazine – Ookay Talks Beats, Inspiration and Pizza

By: Paulina Pachel

Let’s all give a salute to all the inspirational parents out there because if it were not for them—many of us would not be here. We would not know the concept of making ‘good choices’ –essentially something Ookay is constantly reminded of as he looks down on the note his mom packs for him every time he hits the road.

“Moms, right?” he said with a laugh.

Without these primary mentors, I wouldn’t be here. You probably would not have been here either.

Ookay would not have been here if it wasn’t for his father “who’s a killer bass player. I was listening to some of the best music ever when I was straight out of the womb. I wouldn’t be doing this otherwise,” Ookay said.

We’ve seen him in videos, we’ve heard his mixes and we danced to his innovative collaborations at numerous shows played in various venues around the country. Those who have had the pleasure of crossing paths with the hyped-up artist have all paid some part of contribution to the making of his craft.

Ookay’s collaboration with Showtek “Bounce” is reminisced fondly as “It was an honor to work with hit-makers like those two brothers. Also, they’re just great people. There’s not a bad thing I think anyone can say about them. They’ve had an amazing year and it makes sense why, working with them and seeing how creative they are says it all,” Ookay revelead.

This “serious goofball” who has attained much success throughout his career is ready to let the world show his true colors. Ookay’s music is bouncy and full of energy, but for the artist himself, it’s hard to tie the music down as it progressively continues to change.

Fans would be proud to know that Ookay has been in the studio working on the latest EP ‘Ghost’ set to release on Nov 10th.

Released by Dim Mak Records, Ookay was thrilled that the record company signed him immediately. He is constantly at work making edits and contributing new beats and melodies to his newfound productions.

“I catch myself humming melodies or beat-boxing when I’m out and about. Personal experiences help me make whatever I feel in my heart at that moment,” he said.

According to Ookay, who took the time out of his busy schedule to disclose some details in regards to the release, “Ghost is an experimental EP. I try to blend different genres together in 5 songs. Everything from Big Room to Trap to Future bass is on it. There should be a song for everyone on this EP. My inspiration came from my personality and my life experiences.”

Fans, promoters and fellow artists have all been a premier source of inspiration for Ookay. In previous years, he has been remixing and specializing in the making of bootlegs. Now the artist plans to focus more on lyrical content and taking a more original approach. He plans to release a full album by next year.

This tour…be prepared for lots of pizza.

What that means remains to be a sacred mystery.



For more information on the artist, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ookaymusic