“Papadosio is a trendsetting, progressive voice in the world of rock, mixing an electronic sound with improvisation and dashes of psychedelia.”

–Amy Harris, CINCINNATI CITY BEAT, 11/26/13

“The only way to fully understand the awe inspiring brilliance of this band is to experience it firsthand…It is a potentially life changing experience.”

–Dan Scheiman, ONSTAGEREVIEW.COM, 4/11/15

PAPADOSIO—a “must-see act” on the touring and festivals circuits hailed as a “tour-de-force” byTHATDROP.COM (7/10/15)—has just released their new studio album EXTRAS IN A MOVIE and launched an extensive two-month coast-to-coast headlining tour “Extras In A Movie – Act I” that will be stopping locally in DETROIT on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28 at ST. ANDREWS HALL. Tickets are currently on sale via http://papadosio.com/tour.

EXTRAS IN A MOVIE, the band’s fourth full-length studio album self-released this past Friday, October 2, features 16 never-before-heard tracks, written, recorded and produced by the band themselves, thanks in large part to their devoted fanbase and a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. The five-piece previewed a few tracks off the album recently in anticipation of its release. The album’s first single “Glimpse of Light” premiered onMusicTimes.com (9/3) with its official music video directed by the band’s own Anthony Thogmartin; watch the video for “Glimpse of Light” here. Then, PAPADOSIO released their latest single “Epiphany” exclusively onPureVolume.com (9/15), who premiered its music video directed by band member Sam Brouse. Of the song,PureVolume.com notes, “the intricate melodies showcase the advanced sound that the band has ben evolving towards in recent years.” Watch the video for “Epiphanyhere. Earlier this week (9/29), the band gave fans a full advance listen to EXTRAS IN A MOVIE courtesy of AllMusic.com; check it out here. Purchase it online here:http://radi.al/Papadosio

“Like all our albums, Extras In A Movie is a variety show of genre and timbre,” the band shares. “It is also certainly our most exploratory record to date. The end result is a very honest musical representation of our collective emotions while we were recording.”

PAPADOSIOAnthony Thogmartin (lead vocal, guitar, production), Mike Healy (drums), Rob McConnell (bass, vocals), Billy Brouse (keys, synth, vocals) and Sam Brouse (keys, guitar, vocals)–seamlessly melds progressive rock with psychedelia; folk with electronica; and dance music with jam. TheAsheville, NC-based progressive rock band has earned worldwide acclaim for their unpredictable setlists, entrancing improvisations and stunning visuals as a result of their extensive touring schedule andnumerous high-profile festival appearances, including Wakarusa, Electric Forest, Sonic Bloom, and many more.

Of their shows, Owen Seely from RVAMAG.COM said, “the live experience was more than I expected. Part electronic, part jamband, part fusion, and 100% their own. Papadosio are certainly a force to be reckoned with” (11/12/12), with Sean Dorsett of SHOWSIGOTO.COM adding, “Papadosio’s light show and visuals [were] out of this world!…They have such a unique and positive energy radiating through their sound and presence. They write music that inspires love, happiness, following dreams, and being the change you want to see in the world. It’s amazing that these kinds of messages can be transmitted so sincerely through such badass music so seamlessly and apparently effortlessly” (9/16/14). In addition, Joe from MUSICOBSESSED.COM noted, “This band has a strong hold on bringing their sound in and out of consciousness, sometimes taking audience members with it, but their ability to provide thorough solos as well as bring songs down to an ambient state, matched with some great lighting, is a formula for an awesome live show. These aesthetics come out in nearly each of their grooves” (9/13/14).

Tracklisting for EXTRAS IN A MOVIE:

  1. The Last Leaf
  2. Out Of Hiding
  3. Epiphany
  4. Bypass Default
  5. 2AM
  6. Glimpse Of Light
  7. Anima Mundi
  8. Open
  9. Ritual
  10. The Wrong Nostalgia
  11. Therian
  12. We Can Always Come Back
  13. Distant Days
  14. Obove
  15. Gazing The Great Oscillator
  16. Moon Entendre

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Early media reaction for EXTRAS IN A MOVIE has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what’s being said:

“From the lush Four Freshmen harmonies of ‘The Last Leaf,’ Papadosio reveals a multi-hued tapestry of sonic invention…here the quintet draws from prog-rock forefathers with vocals, guitars and a pronounced backbeat prominent in the orchestral mix. ‘The Wrong Nostalgia,’ and its swipe at the market-share programming of modern radio, contrasts with the hallucinatory expression of ‘Ritual.’ The closer, ‘Moon Entendre,’ offers reassurance with the line, ‘O, this light is magic in every right.’ Indeed: Papadosio’s cinematic palette and compositional alchemy defines a band both earthy and cerebral.

–Dan Kimpel, Music Connection, September 2015

“Melding elements of psychedelia, folk, electronica and jam bands, the album never lingers in any one place for too long, but never rushes from one thing to the next. And expect the songs to spread out even further in the live setting…”

–Chris Steffen, AllMusic.com, 9/29/15

“…‘Glimpse of Light’ is a beautiful downtempo piece that will spark even more anticipation in fans for the forthcoming October 2 release. The first two-thirds of the track are relaxing, with Anthony Thogmartin’s uplifting lyrics echoing over delicate effects and glitchy synth stabs. After a short dropout, a full wall of sound hits your ears with the near force of a heavy metal breakdown, coupled with trancey synth sounds. Hopefully the rest of Extras in a Movie will match the beauty and sound quality of this single.”

–Kyle Rutherford, TheUntz.com, 9/1/15

Papadosio continues to consistently impress in both the recorded and live settings, with their unique blend of progressive/psychedelic/electronica-influenced rock and roll and stunning visual displays.”

–Dave Melamed, LiveForLiveMusic.com, 8/27/15