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Blue October @ St. Andrews HallSaint Andrews Hall

Detroit MI.


Review & Photos by Tim Meeks

First off a confession, I’m not a fan of the band Blue October wait let me rephrase that I was ignorant to the band Blue October that is until I drew this assignment. As usual when I get a job to shoot a band the first thing I do is go right to YouTube to determine as to whether or not there is something visual or striking about the group. I’m a photographer after all and in that’s the most important thing to me. The first song I heard on YouTube was “Hate Me” it seems that the most popular videos seem to make their way to the top and while it was catchy it just sort of lay there. Now let me explain a little I am a deal with shit your self and not look to inspiration from music kind of guy, not that music doesn’t inspire me it does a great deal I mean without it I would be less of a human. Why the confession because I went into St. Andrews with it’s a job mentality and left with a new bit of music to get me through my days. Its easy as a product of the seventies and eighties to have opinions about new music I see it all over my Face Book feed from friends that continually post videos from their youth shit I do it myself but I think sometimes its to easy to overlook a newer band because of the current state of music. The crowd was a mix of twentysomethings and thirtysomethings and fortysomethings and a lot of them.

I was late getting to the show and the house was packed the din was hushed as crowd waited for the lights to go down. I made my way to the pit just a few minutes before front man Justin Furstenfeld and the rest of the band walked onstage. As the lights went down the band started into “Sway” off of the newest recording of the same name which comes from a newer more optimistic pen and set the stage for the rest of the set as no less than eleven songs off of the new effort were played. The second song “HRSA” was the only track from the LP “Consent to Treatment” released in 2000. “Foiled” the 2006 release was well represented with “Hate Me”, “Into The Ocean” and “She’s My Ride Home” finding their way into the lengthy set that included sixteen songs with a short curtain call before returning to do a three song encore. The groups live performance was stellar and while not named on stage the players are C.B. Hudson on guitar, multi instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye, Jeremy Furstenfeld on drums and Matt Noveskey on bass. To say the Delahoussaye is important to the sound of Blue October is monumental is obvious but damn this guy plays four or five instruments

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throughout the show sometimes two or more at the same time. Blue October is currently touring nationwide in support of the new CD “Sway”