Michigan’s own Pop Evil has been kicking ass and taking names with their new album Onyx. This quintet from Grand Rapids have been pounding the pavement in 2013 touring in support of the album, making new fans and reconnecting with old fans and friends everywhere they go.

Lead singer Leigh Kakaty took time out while on the road to talk to HEAR once again keeping us in the loop on what the band’s been up to and the excitement within the group for the recent success. “We really havn’t stopped to think about the success but obviously we are are excited with what this record has done so far. It’s a testament to the guys that with a smaller budget and shorter amount of time but we had a strategy for what we thought we needed to get us to the next level and with hard work we believe that is what we have done. We have a lot more work to be done but we hope it continues on with the fans.”

 The newest single off Onyx is “Deal With the Devil”. With a new video to accompany the song Pop Evil continues with a trilogy of videos that started with their hit single “Trenches”. The third song in the trilogy is yet to be announced but the videos are being shot in reverse order telling the story of life struggles and accomplishments that many of us share. “The videos aren’t meant to go back to back to back but are more of look at the character in a certain time frame in their life and how they handle their situations.” Kakaty explains.


Still on the road the band will be returning to their home state with two more Michigan shows this month. Even though Grand Rapids is the hometown, any and all  Michigan shows feel like a homecoming for these down to earth guys. “We have a lot of fans all over the state from Detroit to Muskegon and it’s always like a homecoming. We are trying to hit as many cities in Michigan as we can and we are hoping to get back to Grand Rapids again around Christmas.” Kakaty tells HEAR. For those of you that caught the shows earlier this year the band is guaranteeing high energy if you want to come back out again but the actual show is being kept secret to make it special for those that come out to support.

Like most of us from the Mitten, Kakaty is a die hard Lions fan that bleeds honolulu blue and silver. “I was on the Reggie Bush bandwagon like I’m sure most of Michigan was but hopefully he’ll be back soon. They look good and hopefully we can get to a Super Bowl before we all die!” He jokes.

Those of you living in West Michigan might be familiar with King’s Room Barbershop who have been cutting Pop Evil’s hair for a long time. Kakaty talks with fondness of King’s Room, “There’s no one better in town. They’re the best and have been doing Pop Evil’s hair since the early days.There’s no one more passionate about hair and  rock music and if you go in there tell them you are a Pop Evil fan and they’ll make sure they take special good care of you.”

You can find more  info on Pop Evil on Facebook and at www.popevil.com or follow them on Twitter. They will be in Michigan at Macomb Music Theatre in Mt. Clemens on 9/21 and The Loft in Lansing on 9/22 with Mindset Evolution and Deveraux.

-Brian Benn