Marc 7 of Jurassic Five Chats with HEAR Magazine

By Kevin Tshiamala

After a triumphant return at last year’s Coachella, the group’s six original members – Akil, Zaakir, Marc 7, DJ Nu-Mark, Chali 2na, and Cut Chemist – are crossing the country on this very special jaunt.  Marc 7 took time out of his busy schedule to chat with me about the upcoming U.S. tour and more.

HEAR Magazine: So it has been quite some time since we’ve been graced with the music of J Five. How did it feel reuniting?

Marc 7: It’s been a lot of fun. I think the time off was good. It was good as far as everybody individually doing what they wanted to do. Musically and spending time with family. When we went on our run, we were running for a minute. It was good to stop. At that time, I had just had a daughter and I had to watch her walking on the computer and things like that. So you miss those things, but I’m ready now. We’re ready now, we’re good.

HEAR Magazine: How did Heavy D become involved in J5’s new record since coming back together, “The Way We Do It?”

Marc 7: God bless the dead. Before he died he wanted to work with us and at the time we used the opportunity to sit down with him and hop in the studio. We made I think about four songs or so. We sat and we bonded and the connection of us working with him and vibing in the studio. So that’s one of the songs that came out of that session.

HM: So 2007, you guys parted ways. Did you all remain friends, but were just musically separated or was it a clean cut?

Marc 7: Some dudes were talking some dudes weren’t to be quite honest with you. It was that kind of split. It’s like families fight, brothers fight, they don’t want to talk with one another, don’t come to my room and I won’t come into yours. It wasn’t pretty.

HM: Who came up with the name Jurassic Five?

Marc 7: At the time we were looking for a name, the mother of Charli 2na’s girlfriend at the time made a joke and said, “Think you sound like the fantastic five, you sound more like the Jurassic Five.” She said that as a joke and we thought it was dope.

HM: So jumping back to the present, I hear there are talks of a live album possibly being released. May you elaborate on this?

Marc 7: Nah, but we have full control of everything right now so we have the choice to do whatever we want. Nine times out of ten we’re not going to go through a label. If anything we might just get the Marketing and distribution from a third party, but that’s about it. We’re going to see. We’re going to start with this single and figure out time wise what everyone is doing and we’ll see. We’re going to talk after this tour when we have some time off.

HM: When’s the last time you played Detroit?

Marc 7: Wow man, we haven’t played Detroit in probably ten years. That long man. We used to play at St. Andrews Hall, I like that spot. When we get back, I think we’re playing the Royal Oak Theatre, but I’m not sure if we’ve played there before.

HM: What advice would you give to up and coming artists?

Marc 7: I think artists right now today, in 2014, are in a great place. Better than we were in some sense because the technology is at a level where you can literally have a studio in your closet. You have the whole world at your fingertips and you can really take advantage of it. With Bandcamp and all of these digital distributions, you are your own label. You have everything at your fingertips. You just gotta do it.

For all us old fans and new ones, this concert and festival season couldn’t get any better for Jurassic Five is reunited and back on the road performing on their Word of Mouth Reunion Tour. The tour should be all you can expect and more for they’ll be touring with their friends and talented artists Dilated Peoples, Beat Junkies, and MC Supernatural. Their ten year hiatus from Detroit ends July 26th as they Word of Mouth Reunion Tour passes through Royal Oak Music Theatre.