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By Kevin Tshiamala and Bethany Weems

We had the opportunity of reviewing rising star, BORGEOUS’s, new song “Invincible” (read and listen here). Now we are excited to bring you the gump down version of HEAR’s conversation with BORGEOUS. We talk collaborations, musical style, what’s to come and more.

HEAR – How did you link up with Canadian duo DVBBS?

B – We were friends on social media for a while and I saw they were in LA where I live and we linked up one day.

HEAR – It has been a whirlwind for you since the hit “Tsunami.” What do you look forward to about being with Spinnin’ Records and your future in the music industry?

B – Tsunami was a huge record for me and so was Stampede. Now my newest record “Invincible” is really taking off so I mean I just want to be able to diverse in my music and try and do different things. Spinnin lets me do that, which is really important and they trust my vision which is key.

HEAR – Are you fixated on playing a certain style of EDM, or do you enjoy listening and playing DNB, dubstep, progressive house, deep house, and etc? 

B – I mean I would say my sets are pretty diverse as well I make a lot of my own bootlegs and edits for my shows and incorporate a lot of different styles in my sets.

HEAR – What was the inspiration behind your new song “Invincible?”

B – The inspiration behind Invincible really was just me steering away from the big room sounds everyone is doing for a few and do something different and something people can sing a long to in their car, their shower and at my shows. Tsunami and Stampede were big club records so I wanted to do something a little different. My next couple songs Celebration and Wildfire are different as well.

HEAR – What do you have coming up in the following weeks, months? Any new releases, shows, collaborations, etc? 

B – Yea I have Celebration coming out soon as well as Wildfire. Both are solo records for me on Spinnin’. I have a collab with Mercer and Mightyfools I’m working on as well as a Havana Brown remix and an Afrojack remix.

HEAR – When are you coming to Detroit? 

B – Hopefully soon. [I] would love to play there.

HEAR – What advice would you give to up and coming artists (not exclusive to musicians)?

B –  Just stay focused on what you’re doing and don’t get diverted from your dreams by peoples negativity! Believe in yourself and your dream at all times!

You heard it from Borgeous himself [promoters] he would love to play Detroit. I am sure many would be happy to shell out some dollhairs and welcome him to our city.

For more information please visit Borgeous’s official website:

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