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HEAR Talks EDM, Samples, Producing and more with MOTi

By Kevin Tshiamala and Bethany Weems

After listening and reviewing EDM’s latest hit single, “Don’t Go Lose It,” HEAR had the opportunity of speaking with Musical Freedom’s latest star, MOTi. (Listen to the song here)

HEAR – I have to ask, does your name, MOTi have any connection or a reference to “Mordechai” in Israel?

MOTi – Haha no. It’s an anagram for my first name Timo.

HEAR – Who is MOTi?

MOTi – Is an alias for Timo Romme. I’m 26, I was born in Amsterdam, grew up in Leiden and I live in Amsterdam for the moment. [I] Have been making music since I was 17/18. [I] Have been DJ-ing for the last 8 years as a duo under a different alias and started with MOTi a few years back!

HEAR – Some people are calling you the new kid on the block, but you’ve been around for a while, producing and playing a part in the EDM scene. Does this new kid on the block nickname or “Tiesto’s new favorite producer” tagline fuel you in some way? Like an athlete does it add an extra chip on your shoulder?

MOTi – Yes I’ve been around for the last 8 years but as a duo under a different alias. Most Dutch DJ’s know this about me and I’m really honored that Tiesto says that. And yes of course it gives me extra motivation! If a legend like Tiesto says such things, you have to prove yourself. I’m extremely motivated right now!!!

HEAR – How did you get into the EDM scene?

MOTi – Well I was Dj-ing in my bedroom and collecting vinyl records when I was 17. After a while I started producing because the guys from the record store didn’t like it when I started to edit mp3’s. They said it was disrespectful to the original artists, so I started to make my own music. I made it just for me, I didn’t want to become a professional DJ or producer it was just a hobby. A friend of mine said he liked my music and pushed me to send it to one of the bigger DJ’s in the Netherlands. I did and he liked the track and told me to send more music. After 6 months of sending tracks he offered me a record deal and booking agency to continue with music, but professionally. Of course I said yes!

HEAR – Describe your experience working with Quintino for your song “Circuits.”

MOTi – Well we’ve know each other for a while now and we worked together in the past as well. Quinten heard I started a new alias and we just thought well let’s make something together. So it wasn’t that big of a deal. We had worked together in the studio before; we have been friends for a while. So it was more just hanging out making music, having some drinks, partying in the club and finishing the track the next day.

HEAR – What do you prefer more producing or being a DJ and why?

MOTi – I love both. Producing gives you the feeling you’re really making something new. It feels more creative for me and that gives me a really good feeling. But DJ-ing is just as important for me. I mean you can test your own track on the crowd and fans and that’s a feeling you can’t get in the studio!


HEAR – What do you have planned in the coming weeks, months? Any new releases, shows, collaborations?

MOTi – I’ve got some new releases coming up, new remixes and a compilation CD! I’m also working on collaborations. A lot of new music!!

HEAR – Have you ever thought of collaborating with a rapper, folk singer, rock band, jazz musician, or just anyone outside of the EDM scene?

MOTi – Yes I always think about such things. There are a lot of artist I would like to collaborate with outside the EDM scene!!

HEAR – I know that song by Hugh Masekela, how did you find it? Was that the inspiration behind your new single “Don’t Go Lose It?” and Where do you usually go to find your samples, or how do you decide which sample you want to base a song off of?

MOTi – I had the sample for a while. I’m not sure where I got it from. I’ve a HD with 1TB of samples I’ve collected over the last 8 years. The inspiration was making something more musical and different then my last few releases. The funny thing was I started with the music and added the sample afterwards! And that’s the way I usually work btw. I’ll first make the instrumental track and add the vocals when the instrumental is finished! Never the other way around unless it’s a remix!

HEAR – When are you coming to Detroit?

MOTi – I hope very soon!!

HEAR – What advice would you give to up and coming artists?

Make music you love to make, not what other people want you to make. The creative part of making music is the most important part in my opinion.

For more information please visit MOTi’s official beatport page: