HEAR Magazine’s Conversation with Brigitte Larochelle

By Kevin Tshiamala



We had the pleasure of interviewing bandleader and veteran Cirque du Soleil member, Brigitte Larochelle. Brigitte has been a part of Cirque du Soleil since the early 1990’s in various capacities, but mainly as a musician through various shows such as, Cirque du Soleil II: Une Nouvelle Experience. With an accomplished Resume and an exceptional talent she is back with Cirque du Soleil as the bandleader for the show, Varekai. Throughout the interview she discusses the nuances of a Cirque band, her experiences throughout her years with Cirque du Soleil, the struggles and difficulties as a musician, the various cultures associated with Cirque attributing to her betterment as a person, the costumes in Varekai, and of course we talk about the music. It was truly a wonderful conversation with Brigitte Larochelle and an informational insight into the music world of Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil’s show Varekai opens in Downtown Detroit at Joe Louis Arena February 5th at 7:30pm. The show will open every day at 7:30pm until its last show Sunday, February 9that 1:30pm. Ticket prices vary from $28.00-$82.00. Tickets are now available online to the general public. The tour will continue on to OH, TX, LA, FL, PA, and finally back here to East Lansing, Michigan in April.

For more information please visit www.cirquedusoleil.com, or call 1-800-745-3000.