Exclusive Interview with DJ Kronic

By Paulina Pachel

Straight from the land down under – Australian wunderkind DJ Kronic is the mastermind behind Lil Jon’s recent single, “Bend Ova” featuring Tyga, which is dominating the airwaves of radio stations nationwide. The song has been featured on KISS FM, Hot 97 and Power 106 and has had fans buzzing. Check out the song here.

Kronic has been a DJ for fourteen years; having always had an interest in music and composition, production has been second nature. His musical background traces back to his hip-hop roots, where he crossed over to Melbourne dance and electronic music.

However, his first and foremost inspiration comes from Australia; “My favorite gig – Pasha – in Sydney – an amazing venue that is open to the sky and every time I play there, its jam packed. It feels like a festival crowd, but really it’s a club.”

Kronic is residing in Sydney where he is busy with countless studio sessions, cooking up many amazing beats and tracks.

His collaboration with Lil Jon was destined to happen as, “I’ve been a fan of Jon’s from when I started; it’s always been a part of my DJing. A friend of mine is good friends with him and has been introducing us. At one point, we started sending tracks. We shot a beat over there – it was a Melbourne dance sort of track (…) Jon loved the beat and the rest was history,” says Kronic.

DJ Kronic has recently signed a record deal with Ultra Music and has more upcoming releases with Lil Jon up his sleeve along with tracks with the likes of Chuckie and Kronk.

As for a solo album, Kronic says, “That’s always been a thought of mine; I would love to get creative on an album. It’s been on my mind for a while so hopefully I can expand on that.”

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