A Review of the Amazing 3 Piece Band, Clocks & Clouds

By Kevin Tshiamala

Clocks & Clouds is a Minneapolis-based instrumental trio that formed in 2010. Consisting of Stephanie Shogren (violin), Lucas Shogren (cello), and Derek Powers (drums), the trio has found delight in combining classical instrumentation with rock aesthetics. Their recent EP release was in 2013 titled, The Creation of Matter. It consisted of six tracks that while staying very true to their classical foundations merged with modern day elements of electronic and cinematic music. With each track being able to stand alone, but take on further depth due to the back and forth compliments that take place as a result of the track placement and consistency of the EP, truly make this record wildly entertaining. Great for studying, entertaining or dancing, the music by Clocks & Clouds is purely remarkable.

Clocks & Clouds has recently released a new single, “Aliantha.” The song is true to its name fusing elements of cinematic classical music with womps, synths and effects that make the song feel like Independence Day. It would be interesting to see what the song would have sounded like with some of the digital elements toned down and used more to enhance the already great instrumentation rather than abruptly disrupt the song. Nevertheless, “Aliantha,” is most definitely worth a listen and if you’re feeling like a baller, support Clocks & Clouds and buy “Aliantha” for one dollhair.

Listen to Aliantha here.

Currently, Clocks & Clouds is entering the studio to record a new album scheduled for 2015.