Photos by Brad Goldring / Review by Marie Quirion

This past Monday, the 4th of February, Bring Me The Horizon stopped at The Fillmore Detroit as part of their First Love World Tour. Although originally booked for the Masonic Temple, the ticket sales went so fast, it was quickly upgraded to handle the fan base.


As the opener, one would think it would be hit or miss act, but walking into the theater it was apparent that no one wanted to miss the Fever 333. Word on the street was that Jason Butler (previously of letlive) and the rest of his trio of musicians were NOT to be missed.

Walking out in a one piece jumper emblazoned with the Fever 333 logo, and a black hood on, Jason raised a fist to the air, and a barrage of speeches throughout history played as their intro. Ripping the hood off, Fever 333 hit their single “Burn It’ hard, and complete chaos instantaneously followed.

Jason, as well as guitarist Stephen Harrison worked the crowd, jumping off stage at different points, and walked through the fans. Jason literally climbed the walls to the box seats, and Stephen took the long way to the stairs to the upper level.

For anyone to miss these guys, would be a HUGE mistake. They are definitely not to be missed.


Thrice acted as direct support for BMTH, and played through an 11 song set that consisted mainly newer material, and their greatest hits. The lighting rig stayed darker, and was well choreographed to the music, giving off an amazing visual throughout their set.

Lead singer Dustin Kensrue kept the interaction with the crowd short and only addressed them once or twice. It was clear that they were there to make sure the fans had an amazing time crowd surfing, singing along, and moshing to their favorites.

Bring Me The Horizon

Oli Sykes walked out on stage into a single spotlight, and gave an amazing performance of “I Apologise If You Feel Something” off their newest album, AMO. Immediately followed by Grammy-nominated “Mantra”, the crowd instantly went crazy.

Sticking mainly to newer material off their past three albums, Bring Me The Horizon played through 16 songs, including “Shadow Moses”, “Follow You”, and “Sleepwalking”. Taking moments in between songs to interact with the crowd, a visibly sick Oli thanked the crowd for coming out, and promised to give it his all, in spite of his condition.

Ending the main set with an acoustic version of “Drown”, Oli handed lead vocals to the crowd, and just relished in the feeling of the moment. The encore came back with “Doomed” and in the best choice of the evening, Bring Me The Horizon tore the house down with their hit single “Throne”. As part of the grand finale, smoke cannons exploded, and shot confetti throughout the theater, leaving everyone wanting more.