HEAR This: Kaskade is on the road with a small but massive four-city Atmosphere tour, stopping in Chicago on October 12th at the Navy Pier.

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Dive into the Atmosphere

By: Paulina Pachel

Ryan Raddon, known as Kaskade, has released his eighth studio record entitled Atmosphere.

Indeed, the album does pertain to a certain atmosphere as it transforms from upbeat tempo to a bit of a nostalgic-trance state maintaining a whoosh of bouncy energy. This particular mishmash transition is distinguishable in “No One Knows Who We Are” to “Feeling The Night” to “Take Your Mind Off” as it diverts away from prior tracks’ vibrant energetic beats to a melancholic rhythm that sets the mood.

Raddon has been in the EDM movement for a near decade delivering raging fans the fuel they need to notoriously shake the club’s dance floor. Kaskade first brought us the iconic release of “Dynasty,” filled to the brim with post-college feelings of vibrant exhilaration and ecstatic noise. Shortly thereafter came “Fire and Ice” that maintained a balance between the highs and lows of everyday life, exposing the audience to a much darker time in his artistic journey.

As of this moment, Atmosphere delivers a vibe like no other. “Atmosphere”, as one of the tracks on the album has dominated billions of hungry hearts. It is Raddon’s solo piece on the album where he is heard singing for the very first time. He has always written and composed tracks but, never put his vocals to the test. “All my life I’ve been a stark, holding a light up in the dark, while I tried to keep clear of all the waves in your atmosphere,” exposes Raddon’s modest confession of how he kept clear of all temptations that surrounded him and kept himself and his music career in check. It is Raddon’s first official debut as a vocal sensation, dominating charts and catching the ears of many devoted listeners. As a fun rhythmic tune, it brings the meaning of the album, as a whole, to life.

Inspired and influenced by the artist’s constant traveling endeavors, we hear a variation of hallow and exotic melodies in “MIA to LAS” followed by a slow transition in “LAX to JFK” and wrapping up with a bit of a classic soothing sound in “SFO to ORD”.

Lastly, “Why Ask Why” is the appropriate track to conclude as it represents all that once fire started Kaskade’s career. Full of melancholic bliss, it’s hard to determine whether it can be interpreted as a first hello or perhaps a final farewell. Throughout this particular track, house progression is evidently present thus, intertwined between percussion and piano lines. It really doesn’t pertain to any genre created ever before. It’s a free verse that is open to the listener’s own ear, due to the immense diversity mixed within; it’s open to the listener’s own translation.

Traveling from country to country, city to city, switching from a bus to a train, a cab to a jet can have its constraints and can be brutally exhausting. However, in the end, it is a small price that Kaskade has to pay for contaminating the crowd with the love of House music. It is a small price paid for creating the right atmosphere amongst the right crowd of people. This is exactly what Kaskade’s eighth record was all about; nostalgia and the essentially ongoing illusion of what the future is to bring.

Kaskade kicks off his tour in Miami on September 14th. To find more information on Kaskade, go to Kaskade’s official website at www.kaskademusic.com or Kaskade’s Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/kaskade.