A Review of Korn’s October 2013 Album, The Paradigm Shift

By Laura Pepera


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With just a sprinkle of electronic in the new Korn album, drummer Ray Luzier told HEAR that fans have a lot to look forward to in The Paradigm Shift. With a “no bullshit” attitude during the making of this album, Korn put their heart and soul into every amazing track and it shows. The band has always taken the time to produce nothing but the best, and over the years that drive has kept them consistently on top in the rock and punk world. Having a front man as eclectic and diverse as Jonathan Davis, and nothing but the best behind him, the band has been doing a phenomenal job of keeping fans anxiously awaiting more.

Hear magazine’s Ryan Lapointe recently spoke with Luzier about the new album hitting stores on October 8, 2013. With multi-platinum Don Gilmore producing the new album, what is expected is that original Korn sound which made them so great in years prior. With less of an electronic sound on this new album, the band is really getting back to their roots. Having Brian “Head” Welch back in has brought a renewed vibe to the band.  The track “Never” comes from frontman Jonathan Davis, but isn’t your typical Korn song.  Don’t stop there and be sure to check out “Love and Meth.” It will rock you hard. It only gets better with “Paranoid and Aroused.” That song will make you want to rage until your cojones fall off.  It doesn’t stop there and fans should be excited for the extended version videos too.

Fellow Korn fans, this album will not disappoint. The Paradigm Shift has less electronica and a whole lot more of the old school sound that will inspire one to get up and bang a head.


Michigan fans are eager to hear some of the new album when Korn is in Detroit on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, at The Fillmore.

ROB ZOMBIE & KORN Announce Night Of The Living Dreads Tour 2013

In addition, just announced is a new arena tour which Korn and Rob Zombie will be co-headlining with a stop in Grand Rapids on 11/22 at the Deltaplex.  Tickets go on sale Friday September 27, 2013, and can be obtained at:  http://korn.com/events.


For more information on Korn and/or their new album The Paradigm Shift (available October 8, 2013), please see their official website at: www.korn.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/korn.