Over the years Saliva has had lots of success with front man Josey Scott  but there’s a new voice  leading the way now as the band is about to release their ninth studio album since their formation in 1996. The new face of Saliva goes by the name of Bobby Amaru, and he has been with the band since Scott’s departure in 2012. Amaru was the singer on the bands last album In It To Win It which was a digital release only for the fans, but come April 29th the newest addition to the list of Saliva releases to hit the stores will be Rise Up.


With a return to Michigan on the horizon, Bobby took time out to talk to HEAR about what’s coming and what it’s like to be part of the Grammy nominated band, Saliva.

” I think we made a great record and we can’t wait to share it with everybody.” Bobby commented about the upcoming Rise Up. “I can’t really say there’s any part of the record I like more but I do really love the songs ‘Lost’ and ‘1000 Eyes’.”


When asked if Bobby had a favorite song to perform live out of the Josey Scott era hits, he went with what is probably the crowd favorite as well. “It’s tough to chose a favorite.  I try not stray away too much from what they were but I like to put my thing on them also but one of my favorites to sing is ‘Your Disease’.”

Bobby has been enjoying his time with Saliva so far. “Honestly in the last couple years there has been a lot of highlights. Just getting to meet fun and cool people everyday. I got to get onstage with Candlebox, which was awesome because I grew up loving them a lot. We’ve played a lot of festivals and Saliva fans are great!”


For anyone thinking that Scott’s departure from the band was the end of Saliva we are here to tell you that not only is this not the end but some of the best is yet to come. Be sure to check out the new album Rise Up and those of you in our region don’t miss the show at the Token Lounge in Westland on March 27th before the band makes their first trip to Russia which they are super excited about.

To get more info or find more tour dates check out www.saliva.com or find them on Facebook.

-Brian Benn