Seven Bridges Tour

Break Science with Paul Basic and Cosby Sweater at Elektricity in Pontiac, MI

March 14th

By Kevin Tshiamala

Wrapping up the second half of their Seven Bridges Winter Tour — a great album and much recommended listen — Break Science, with friends Paul Basic and trio Cosby Sweater, will be playing two of their last three winter tour shows in the dirty mitten. Break Science has always been and continues to be a refresher in the vast world of the EDM genre. Their foundations rooted in hip hop mixed with their style, flavor, unique rhythms and guest appearances such as Redman not to mention their energetic, fun, and out of this world live shows are the reasons why Break Science continues to progress and prosper as the rest fold into the divide.

While walking from stage to stage at Rothbury was the first time I caught wind of the impactful duo. You couldn’t help, but stop, listen, and dance as you were passing through. That is when you know you have something. Break Science has vastly evolved since back then, both professionally and musically, while their presence continues to become more prevalent. But don’t take it solely from me, as stated by The Fresh New, “The beats used on many of the tracks are a lot more complex than what I have been hearing lately with the saturation of the giant EDM genre. My favorite aspect is that it has flavor…Also, Break Science shows are freaking awesome.”

Paul Basic, another member of Pretty Lights Music Record Label, will be joining Break Science both in Pontiac on March 14th, and Grand Rapids on March 16th. He recently released his sophomore album, which features collaborations with Pretty Lights and Trophy Beats, and more.

The non Pretty Lights

Record Label affiliate, but worthy advocate, that will be joining Break Science and Paul Basic is Cosby Sweater. The trio is an electronic jazz, groove, disco funk group who’s music surely does not disappoint. They’ve jammed with Joel Cummins of the infamous Umphreys Mcgee and have the respect of many esteemed musicians across the industry. Their style, groove and music will surely be a necessary change and will present a wonderful balance to Break Science and Paul Basic. Listen for yourself.

With these three heavy hitters it is bound to be a good show at Elektricity. One can only hope that we witness some sort of collaborations between the three. Only time will tell, but no worries for there are only a few short days until the concert in Pontiac at Elektricity on March 14th. If you are unable to make it then, the Seven Bridges Tour wraps up on March 16th on the west side of the state in Grand Rapids.

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