Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. play the Royal Oak Music Theater on Record Store Day

April 19th

By Kevin Tshiamala

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is a band out of Royal Oak, Michigan. The group started with Daneil Zott and Josh Epstein, later to add Mike Higgins and Jon Visger. Their exponential popularity growth is a testament to the countless hours spent honing their craft over the past decade. As Daniel stated in the interview with HEAR, Josh and him knew each other due to the Detroit music circle and eventually linked up after a few years of playing around the same gigs and bands. That link has proven to be insurmountable to the success of their current band Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

check out the interview with Danny of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. here.

For the third year in a row the band will be playing the Royal Oak Music Theater on national Record Store Day, which falls on the third Saturday in April. It is a day that is designated to celebrate independent record store retailers.  In February the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. concert was announced and due to the cause, tickets went on sale for $0.89. There is no better way to play your home town then to support your local record stores and repay your fans by making tickets far less inexpensive than par. The concert will take place April 19th and Flint’s very own Tunde Olaniran will be opening.

When opening up the floor for shout outs and psa’s during the interview, Daniel stated, “Not enough people are downloading our free mixtape on datpiff.com.” Without shame, I was included in the “not enough people.” The mixtape is titled Produce and it is online for free at datpiff.com. It includes collaborations with Murs, Ahser Roth, Slim from 112, King Chip, a Beach Boys-Notorious mix and more. Anything free is usually good, but there is nothing better than free music; especially when the free music surpasses expectations.

In regards to the most exciting thing about the tour Danny stated, “The turn out. I saw some of the sizes of these venues and I knew we were taking a leap, taking a risk… but we’ve sold out, Atlanta was huge, Chicago sold out, DC, 1300 people. That’s been some big growth and super exciting…it’s good to see we’re improving and making progress.” There’s no doubt that their hometown show on April 19th in Royal Oak will sell out and be one for the books on National Record Store day.

The Speed of Things is available for purchase on iTunes.

Produce is available for free on datpiff.com

For more information please visit Dale Jr. Jr’s official website: http://www.daleearnhardtjrjr.com/

For social media please visit: https://www.facebook.com/daleearnhardtjrjr