Papadosio presents Earth Night 2013

Written By: Bethany Weems

With the coming of the Winter Solstice, Papadosio is bringing you the second annual Earth Night in Columbus, Ohio, held during the shortest day and conversely longest night of the year. For those of us who live for nights filled with electronic melodies, it is an exceptional opportunity to celebrate the Earth’s day of maximum darkness enveloped in phenomenal music, art, prayer, live performances, and a bevy of Earth improving activities.

Earth Night spans 2-nights and 1 day beginning on Friday December 20th at 8:00pm and ending December 21st at 2:00am held at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. The event features 2 nights of Papadosio along with an internationally-acclaimed music lineup including a talented variety of performers like live band Ott & the All-Seeing I and funk band The Main Squeeze from Chicago. There will also be a stunning performance by a group from Gainesville, Florida called Hundred Waters that will showcase their beautiful front woman who plays the flute and piano to create a wonderfully ethereal sound. Also on the lineup is an incredible percussionist musician, Shigeto, who is part of Ghostly International.

To give you a flavor of the hosts of this progressive, conscientious event, Papadosio is a group that formed in 2006 and now consists of five members Anthony Thogmartin-guitar, keys, vocals, Billy Brouse- keys and vocals, Mike Healy- drums, Rob McConnell- bass and vocals, and Sam Brouse- keys and vocals.  The group originates from Athens, Ohio and currently resides mostly in a van touring the countryside or in Asheville, North Carolina. Papadosio is known for their melodic jam band electronic sound and for their annual music events Earth Night and the Rootwire festival.

Joylyn Phoenix and I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with one of Papadosio’s keyboardist Billy Brouse and their video and effects main man Jason Takahashi. Be sure to check out both interview links to get a full rundown of the festivities and intriguing band insights.

Earth Night began as Jason Takahashi’s conception while studying Government in College. The idea came from his senior thesis on the constitution of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) which is premised on the fine balance of respect for the connectedness of all life.  What transpired was a concerted effort to host an event that would bring everyone together for a deeper connection to our collective human roots.

Jason gave us an overview of the Earth Night agenda in addition to the variety of musical performances. He described that there will be an opening invocation, yoga, sound healing, meditations, stunning flower arrangements, and Eco based workshops among other activities. The group’s good friend Julie North will lead a meditation focusing on the connectedness of all life on the planet. Billy Brouse explained that at Earth Night they put the tools in front of a group of like-minded people to blow their minds into a different realm.

While Billy and his brother Sam expertly tickle the keyboards for the group they also serve as key organizers for the Earth Night event and the Rootwire festival put on by Papadosio in the summer. The Rootwire festival focuses on creativity and inspiration and brings together talented musicians, artists, performers, and generally phenomenal people to not only share and create but also camp together.  More information about next year’s festival will be available soon. In addition to experiences with their own festival Papadosio has become known in the circuit by headlining events like Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, and Bear Creek to name a few.

Papadosio has also created 2 albums and an EP, “By the Light of the Stars. The first album is called Observations released in 2009 and most recently they unleashed the double album TETIOS or The End of the Illusion of Separation in 2012. Anthony Thogmartin has said that he thinks every album is a masterpiece and went on to highlight a few favorites like, “Magreenery,” “Unparalyzer,” and “Polygons.” Anthony is an excellent writer and singer for the group. He will be performing a special “Earth Cry” piece at Earth Night. He explained that, “A lot of people don’t want to push through the hard part to get to the parts that are easier and a little more rewarding. It’s the same way with pretty much anything that you do in your life.” They have played over 150 shows a year for multiple years and have miraculously kept it all together. He attributes the success of the group to their drive and positivity.

There truly will not be a better way to celebrate the longest night of the year and miraculous world we have the pleasure to live in. We will be joining Papadosio and a multitude of Earth conscious world citizens this December 20-21 in Columbus, Ohio at the Lifestyle Communities Pavillion. For more information check out the links below or better yet get in touch with your roots, the planet, and a harmonic future by attending this year’s Earth Night.

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