The Used on Tour with Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive and Sleepwave at The Filmore

April 6th

By Brian J Woodworth

If you know anything about the band, “The Used,” it’s that they take the word, “genre,” and throw it out the window. A lot of bands have come and gone and the reason why The Used is still relevant today is because they write songs and don’t worry about adhering to a specific style or genre.

“We’re not writing for a trend. We’re not going to get up there in matching denim jackets or sleeveless shirts and try and look like the coolest hottest band in the world. None of that stuff matters to us – It’s always about the song and always will be,” says Quinn Allman, lead guitarist for The Used.

That sort of wisdom doesn’t happen overnight. It’s been a thirteen-year journey for The Used and they’ve come along way from being young teenagers trying to break onto the scene.

“I think when you’re 19 and 20, being that young, there’s this obsession with the idea of being in a band and you have to hold on for the ride,” explains Quinn, “that very quickly wore off and I realized that when I went home it was really about the friends and the relationships that I’ve made over the years and the people I’ve inspired. That’s really what keeps us humbled.”

Having a humble personality plays well into doing a co-headlining tour, which is what The Used are embarking on with Taking Back Sunday. Having two bands capable of being the headliner, Quinn explains that it’s not that way at all with Taking Back Sunday.

“Our music isn’t crafted for products sake. I think we’ve all learned to appreciate the process of what we do. Having toured for a really long time, we’ve both had ups and downs, and we’ve seen each other at our worst, and so I think that we’re still here and there’s a lot of dignity and respect that’s shared,” said Quinn.

Imaginary Enemy, The Used’s new album, was especially difficult to write because of the band’s wide spread living situations.

“We got together in a studio and I would write quick demos that I would show to Bert McCracken (front man for The Used) and if something would click with him, he’d retreat to his hotel room to write lyrics for them,” Quinn said. “Picking a single is terrifying, but we thought Cry best represented The Used.”

The Used can be seen on tour with Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive and Sleepwave on Sunday April 6th at the Fillmore Detroit. Imaginary Enemy, is available

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for download on iTunes.

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