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Black Lips Play the Magic Stick

By Ryan Solecki

From the moment the Black Lips stepped on stage there were shoes, water bottles, and people being thrown about the audience at the Magic Stick last Thursday night in Detroit’s midtown. This high intensity fun continued until their encore ended about an hour and half later. For long time Black Lip fans and new ones, this was a show everyone could enjoy with songs performed from all over their discography. Detroit was happy to host the Black Lips and the Black Lips were more than happy to entertain Detroit for a late Thursday night out.

For any one unfamiliar with the band they are sure not to disappoint an audience. Make sure to check your local listings for upcoming performances. Also check out their new record Underneath the Rainbow for your listening pleasure. Watch their video for the song “Funny” off of Underneath the Rainbow below.

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For more information please visit Black Lips’s official website: http://black-lips.com/

For social media please visit: https://www.facebook.com/theblacklips