Stone Owl, Chuck Flask, Bruce Bailey, Walter Glasshouse/DJ Form (Tag), RTST/Bangles (Tag), and Teej Play TV Lounge

May 9th

By Kevin Tshiamala

Although I was personally unable to make it to this event, from the countless texts messages, snapchats, tweets and more, it was clear that this event was a major success. The artists couldn’t have been happier and the fans and attendees more satisfied. Due to my lack of attendance, this as far as I can discuss. So what better and more honest way to have a review than to share with you some of the texts and pictures from those in attendance that evening.

Text 1


Text 4


Text 2


We couldn’t be more happy due to the output of support and love in the Detroit music community. Comfort Food, FSdaYum, My Baby, all of the artists, and all of the fans in attendance coordinated well equating in a very successful night. We look forward to the continuation of these series as we groove into Summer.

Work, Rave, Relax, Sleep, Repeat… every so often.

Big thanks to Goat, Chels and our photographer Zach.

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