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Dale Jr Jr’s Massive Sold Out Show on National Record Store Day at the Royal Oak Music Theatre

By Zach Hackett

This has become an almost accidental and coincidental tradition on the third Saturday of April in Detroit. The beautiful spring weather begins to show itself, the record stores have their best day of the year and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. give their hometown of Detroit an amazing annual show on national record store day.

This year Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has been on there biggest tour yet. They have not only been playing in their biggest venues to date, but are selling them out as well, making substantial growth in the industry. The third annual record store day show was no exception. Tickets sold out quickly given the holiday, support from 89X and the growing popularity of the band.

Flint’s Tunde Olaniran opened for the band for an already packed theater.

Daniel Zott and crew jumped right into it. Throughout their high energy performance, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. touched so many different genres creating a great vibe. We heard everything from soft vocals, creative riffs, and an electronic mix; not to mention they even got pretty heavy at one point.  To add to the sold out homecoming experience the crowd got to see the bands visuals in an animated globe displaying a moving head among other cartoonish and silly animations. The theater had great lights and even shot multiple blankets of bubbles across the crowd adding to the positive vibes.


Daniel Zott and Josh Epstein came home for the Easter holiday and came home to one of the biggest shows they have ever played. For us and the band alike, it was a show to remember. We got an extra goodbye with a double encore of “We almost lost Detroit” and a track with Tunde that was written just the night before.

Thanks again to the fans and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. for continuing to put Detroit on the map with one of a kind, creative sounds. On behalf of Hear magazine, we can’t wait to see you again!

They will be back in action on July 12th in Lansing, MI for Common Ground Festival.

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