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Foster the People at the Fillmore Detroit

May 15th

By Ryan Solecki

Mark Foster walked on stage as casual as they come last Thursday at the Fillmore and his performance was anything but. He played just about every instrument on stage and covered every possible inch of the stage while performing.

After St. Lucia put on a headlining performance of their own, the stage was set while the antsy anticipating audience awaited Foster the People. The crowd frenzied as Foster the People opened up with their mega hit from last summer “Pumped Up Kicks.” It was a sign of things to come as they kept the crowd cheering, dancing, and jamming the entire two hour plus set.

They played ballots and other gems from both last years’ stellar debut album Torches and last March’srelease Supermodel. Foster the People jumped into hits from Supermodel after two opening tracks from Torches, but waited to break out the single “Coming of Age” until about half way through the set. This is when Mark Foster truly blew people’s minds with his underrated powerful voice. Not only was Foster’s voice anything short of impressive, he also commanded the stage with his upbeat unique presence.

There’s not a whole lot of entertaining front men out their anymore, but Foster nails it. A multi-instrumentalist with a belting voice is hard to come by and it was gift to watch two summers in a row. As the set was coming to an end it wasn’t even a question if an encore was going to occur.

However, the highlight of the show has to be the over eager teenage fan that stumbled his way on stage. As he was about to get aggressively thrown out of the show, Foster came to his aid, wrapped his arm around the terrified thankful fan and sent him backstage.

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Before Foster played the last song of the set he reminisced about the city of Detroit and how much he enjoyed playing and even recording in the D. It was refreshing to hear such a talent speak so highly of our city, which is even more reason to listen to any music they make or to catch them the next time they stop in the Motor City.

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Photos by Zach Hackett