A Review of Jingle Ballz 6

Words by Krash Kiten

On Saturday Dec. 7th at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, an annual event happened. A very off the wall event that only the boys in Ballz Deluxe could pull off.

Jingle Ballz 6 was a unique show and was guest-hosted by Dr. Demented (Phil Hawley) and the always lovely Ballz Girls. Santa was present as well as and his elf helper, Christmas decorations, spectacular lights, and a room full of awesome dedicated fans. This made for an incredible show not to be missed next year.

Being the great guys they are, not only do you get to rock out to some fine local talent, you also can give to charity. Every year Ballz puts on this show not only for your ears to be blown away by their hard rock original songs, but to also give back to society. For the past five years they have worked with Toys for Tots. This year they did something different, they teamed up with Gleaners Food Donations. For every can good you brought in, you would get one raffle ticket. They raffled off some rather amazing gifts. They gave away shirts, band CDs, and even a brand new acoustic guitar!

Knowing Rick Drinkard (lead vocals) personally, it made it easier for me to speak to him about why they do this show and what it means to him. “It always feels good knowing no matter how the show goes we’re doing something positive. Of course, every year has been great. There is love in the room, whether it’s on the stage, the floor, or the pit. (Haha) I love these nights. It’s somewhat of an emotional thing to even think about for me sometimes,” said Rick Drinkard. That right there shows the dedication and drive these cats have every year to put on a superb show for their huge fan following, but his quote also shows the emotion he has for knowing they are giving back to those in need every year before Christmas.

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This show was also a golden show for those from all over the state who love Ballz Deluxe. It was the first time in three years that Ballz has all five original members, making it a special show to those who know how talented this Detroit band is.
However, along with Ballz, the show opened with other great bands such as Red Soul Crush, Spiral Crush, and Fifth Way. All great bands and are worth the checking out. Rick told me that they are working on a national band being a part of Jingle Ballz next year. I tried to get the scoop, but it’s a secret!

If you’re interested in donating to Gleaners Food Bank you can find that info here: http://www.gcfb.org/site/PageServer

To check out Ballz Deluxe online: