Dirty 313tronic and Nightsneak’s Mardi Gras Party a Success

By Kevin Tshiamala

The above ground Detroit electronic music scene has been picking up steam since I truly began paying attention to it around 200/2007.  Even a few short years ago, like most things undiscovered or tabooed, you had to be in the circle to know what time to head to the Russel, or what was happening at Bert’s Warehouse, or the secret location of after hours. The times are a changing, but thankfully for the better. Due to folks such as Nightsneak, Dirtybird, and Paxhau the underground scene was brought above and carefully crafted to not only be accepted, but adored by the masses. Fast forward to 2014 and EDM has been mainstreamed worldwide, but where you can still get the rugged, warehouse, underground feel despite EDM’s commercialization, remains to be Detroit.

Last weekend, March 8th, was the third year anniversary of Dirty 313tronic’s Mardi Gras party. The bill was a worthy featuring Black Milk, Caspa, Antiserum (had an emergency and was replaced by Satta Don Dada), DJ Dan, and Detroit Techno Militia. The venue, The Majestic, seemed to be the only downside, but it proved to be more than sufficient. It had been a while since I had made it out with the goons, but I started with Caspa and it was only right to come full circle.

Black Milk, although doing a DJ set, was not too bad and set the mood perfectly – if only his hype man was a professional. Satta Don Dada kept the party rolling with heavy dubstep — stepping a bit away from his style — and a bit of Trap infused dub reggae. Looking around, the crowd was much younger than I remembered, but those are the types you need. They bring the energy, the craziness, and the fun. It’s a sad realization at first, but an honest one. There’s no room for old farts like me out there in the middle of the crowd without a spirit hood, bopping my head people watching.


Up next was Caspa. He threw down a mean set mixing his new jams with oldies like “Cockney Thug Remix”. Thankfully after his set, I was able to escape the crowd and hang out in the artist room shooting the shit with my buddies, Caspa, his boy, DTM, DJ Dan and a few sneaky randoms. I’m not a hatchet journalist. You won’t find that type of TMZ work here. If you’re waiting for quotes, party stories and the like… I’m a professional. But what I will say is that all of the artists that I met that night are down to earth, funny, personable, musically intelligent and driven people. They handled everything that happened in the Artist room, with all these random people, like professionals while also treating us like friends.


DJ Dan true to his reputation and the living legend he is, brought the house down. The transition between heavy wobbles/dub to deep down, break beat house was seamlessly done due to his immense skills. Detroit Techno Militia closed and they have a set unlike any I have seen – four turntables and two DJ’s – The music they provided for the late night crowd, which was still quite heavy, felt like that from a scene in a movie.

The sense of community throughout the night was strong. The emotional release by the crowd mixed in with the music throughout made for a transcendent experience. As Caspa stated in relation to the venue, the feel, the people, the grime, the night, “it embodied that UK warehouse feel.” That is the constant and the biggest compliment I hear major EDM artists give to the Detroit scene. Despite the mainstream promotion in the rave scene, Dirty 313, Nightsneak and the rest around Detroit still manage to throw parties that embody the very same feel as in those underground abandoned warehouse after hours.


As always the night ended driving into the sunset yearning for a bed. Despite the consequences that come with raving, Dirty 313 and Nightsneak’s Mardi Gras party was undoubtedly worth it.  Thanks to that night, HEAR will soon be doing an interview with one of the artists on the bill. Stay tuned for more information.

Nightsneak and Dirty 313 always have shows in the works. They are continuing a series titled Bounce Fridays at the Works, they have a major St. Patty’s party coming up and stay tuned for Riverside Groove information.


Best wishes to Antiserum and his family. We hope all is well.

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(“Detroit is crazy tonight @ Majestic.. S/O to @rondance for hosting my set at the last minute” – Captioned photo by Black Milk)