Rittz - Photo by Erikush Growski

Rittz Live at Harpos in Detroit – Saturday November 30th

By Erikush Growski

Rittz is taking his The Life and Times Tour to Detroit’s very own Harpos on November 30th.  He will be joined by Snow Tha Product as well as Jarren Benton. Fans of hip hop should take notice of Rittz. His style, flow, and very personal lyrics tie together and result in a live show that can only be described by one word: dope!

Rittz is a southern rapper who is no regular cracker, he’s Rittz, bitch. He is obviously named after the cracker because he’s white (per “My Interview”). Rittz was signed to Tech N9ne’s label, Strange Music, in August 2012. In April 2013 he released his first album with Strange entitled, The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant. On this album it is apparent that as an artist, he had grown far away from being anything that could be considered a rookie. Rittz is a rapper with an established style of his own. Sometimes it’s hard and fast as hell, and sometimes goes slow and smooth with jazzy undertones. The bass always bumps and the lyrics go deep.

HEAR had a chance to catch up with Rittz on November 22nd at Shakespeare’s Pub in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Rittz walked in the front door and looked determined to get shit set up and kill the crowd. As soon as he started, the humans were mesmerized. From the beginning the speakers boomed and the melody was on point. It was apparent that Rittz came not just to rap, but to give the people who made the hike from all over some real shit. He mentioned while on stage that he had some personal connections to the Zoo. With such a phenomenal rapper and such a small lax venue, I felt as if this sold out show should have been sponsored by a beer company.

In that broken glass-laden with a beer river running across the floor basement located in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo, Rittz brought the heat. It was a small venue and he was not at all afraid to get all over the stage and rap face-to-face with the crowd. This particular crowd was very small (I am guessing about 100), but were rowdy as hell. With such a small place and crowd, I thought it would be mellow, but I underestimated. With approximately 100 diehard Rittz fans all in a small basement, it got pretty wild. As a short chic, I was in a sea of tall people spilling beer on me. Making it to the front of the stage was quite a feat. After the show and as is his usual, Rittz spent a lot of time meeting and taking pictures with fans. This was not my first Rittz show, or second, or third, and every time I go, I get to meet Rittz. He doesn’t hide away in the back and take off like other artists. He genuinely wants to meet his fans.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to see one of the best rap artists out today in that bouncy floor house of mayhem, Harpos, on November 30th.        

For more information on Rittz you can visit him on social media at: www.facebook.com/rittzmusic and/or www.twitter.com/therealrittz and/or visit Strange Music at: www.strangemusicinc.com.