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Slightly Stoopid, Mariachi El Bronx, and Grouch & Eligh play St Andrews Hall

March 16th

By Kevin Tshiamala

Over the last six years I have made it to see Slightly Stoopid at least twice each year. Every show is more memorable than or just as memorable as the last. From meeting Kyle at the Orbit Room and him commenting on my excessive sweatiness, to watching the doobie in my pocket make it to the stage and into the hands of C-Money, to now; going as a journalist and a fan rather than just the latter.

For those who are in or been through the shuffle, you know it does not get good until you’re Jools Holland. For those on the outside, being an up and coming music journalist is not as glamorous as the free tickets and interviews make it seem. Starting out, it is a lot like musical chairs. There are a limited amount of tickets, only a few can get on the list and the golden rule usually applies, you snooze, you loose. I snoozed hard and got beat out for tickets to Slightly Stoopid, Mariachi El Bronx, and Grouch & Eligh’s Sunday evening St. Patrick’s weekend show at the legendary St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI.

725dd4c6ad6611e394940e21e0a7499e_8(photo by Alex McMall)

With a solid crew in tow, we arrived at the door and to no surprise, the tickets were sold out. The perk of having friends in the industry is only truly appreciated in desperate times. After a few text messages, a few phone calls, a half hour wait, BB, the band manager, got our name on the list. Unfortunately we were not there in time to see Grouch & Eligh, but from chit chatter and conversations with friends, their set as always was above par. They ended up performing a song with Slightly Stoopid in the latter half of the show.

Mariachi El Bronx’s take on mariachi infused with a variety of genres and the unique, but pleasant vocal arrangements and harmonies is unprecedented. Their sound is even more bold, profound, exotic, and fun when live. Not to mention the sharp tone and great contrasting sound between the violin and the horns. Mariachi El Bronx set the mood perfectly for Slightly Stoopid and there is no doubt they soon will be headlining major tours themselves.

51acefe0ad7111e39e3f120abdccd260_8(Photo by Gwen Hutchinson)

Slightly Stoopid has always had a great deal of showmanship and appreciation for their fans. At St. Andrews on March 16th was no different. The crowd, unlike your EDM shows, had a gender, age and character diversity similar to that of a festival. It proves to show that everybody not only likes Reggae, but that everyone appreciates feel good music especially when done well. Slightly, proving time and time again why they love to play Detroit, blessed the audience that night with songs they have not played in a long time and ones I have never heard live in six years. They grooved their way through “Mellow Mood” giving much deserved shout outs to their pal G-Love.  They played Collie Man, they played a couple tracks of their new album and even graced us with a cover of my favorite Bruce Springstein song “I’m on Fire.”

The positive vibe, joyful encounters and great music at Slightly Stoopid shows are second to none. Slightly went on to play for a little over two hours. On a late Sunday night, after a long St. Patrick’s weekend, the crowd was still full. Like always and probably the best closer of every show, Slightly Stoopid ended with Charles Wright’s “Express Yourself.”

Slightly Stoopid are currently in Brazil and will be touring hitting major cities and Festivals near you throughout the Spring and Summer.

Big thanks to Alex Z, Angela B, Brandon W, BB, Slightly Stoopid, Grouch & Eligh, Mariachi El Bronx, St. Andrews and Detroit. Jah Bless.

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