Who is the greatest band on earth? All you have to do is ask them and Steel Panther will tell you every time it is them! Greatest band? Well I will say they are some of the most entertaining rockers in metal of all time. Twisted, perverted, dirty minded and making their way around the world one groupie at a time as they rock show after show with their hair band style of heavy metal these four guys definitely know how to have fun!

HEAR got a chance to talk to lead singer, Michael Starr  as Steel Panther returned to US soil after making an excursion down under to spread their message of decadence and sin to Australia. “It was cool. It took me two days to recover form ten days in Australia. Those people know how to drink!” Michael commented on the short leg of the S.T.D. (Spreading The Disease) Tour.

Steel Panther is notorious for and write most of their songs about their sexual conquest on tour. With the tour named the S.T.D. tour we just had to know which member of the band has acquired the most STD’s so far. “Stix (drummer Stix Zandina) has the most. He’s had everything. Our next show is in Minnesota and we have a meeting with a doctor called the “Rock Doc”. He is really essential for heavy metal dudes on tour.” Michael told us. “We’re pretty even on who’s had the most chicks. Stix will have sex with anything so he’s probably had the most out of all of us. Lexxi (bass player Lexxi Foxx) gets all the dumb chicks ‘cus he feels smarter with the dumb chicks. I don’t like spending time with dumb chicks. SatcheI (lead guitar) gets all the girls that talk about dicks and scales and stuff. I usually get  the medium to dumb chicks that are kind of trailerey. That’s my thing.” (Yes, he said trailery!)


The new album All You Can Eat will be out soon. The current single “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” has a video you don’t want to miss. It shows just how much fun this band has.  Michael enlightens us on how to have fun. “The beauty of being Steel Panther is that we just really truly have fun and it’s not so fucking serious. If tomorrow was the end of the world hopefully it would be on a night we have a show and we would do like we normally do. That’s the reason why we love doing that song. It’s to let everyone know to enjoy life like tomorrow is the end of the world, don’t worry about tomorrow and party now. Get fucked up and have fun!”


Watch for the next single “The Burden of Being Wonderful” which will be accompanied by another video which is sure to be entertaining. They will be doing a video for “Glory Hole” (another song from the upcoming album) around the same time.

If you are an uptight or easily offended person you might want to steer clear of Steel Panther but if you enjoy hair metal with fun (albeit mostly raunchy) lyrics then be sure to look for the new album (the release date will be announced mid-January), watch their videos and look for their web broadcast of Steel Panther TV. If you have the chance to see them live do not miss the opportunity.

The S.T.D. Tour hits Michigan with a stop in Royal Oak on Dec. 21st. The Detroit area holds a special place in Michael’s memories. “We all got to have sex with Kid Rock’s wife. He is a totally cool dude. He emailed us, told us his wife was a big fan and we put her on the list. She came to show, ended up backstage and the rest is history.”

Just goes to show you never know what can happen at a Steel Panther show. Be sure to catch them at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on the 21st and Bogart’s in Cincinnati Ohio on the 22nd. Michael wants to tell his fans “Buy our fucking record! And I have a challenge to all our fans. Try to download one of our T-shirts for free. Anyone can download our songs but try to download one of our T-shirts. I’ll give $500 to anyone that can!”

To get more info find Steel Panther on Facebook or Twitter and at www.steelpantherrocks.com. Catch them live if you can and look for the new album.


-Brian Benn