The Queen of Country Music, Dolly Parton

DSC08740Words and photos by Teri Connel

Performing to a capacity crowd at The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, HEAR Magazine© + Country Famous© had the privilege of covering the first Canadian stop of Ms. Partons tour.

Dolly, who is currently on tour for her new album, Pure & Simple, took a stop across the border in Canada and played to a full house. With not an empty seat to be seen, Dolly came out dressed in her well known rhinestone and sequined outfits with big hair to match.  She was able to capture the audience and hold their attention throughout the amazing three hour set.

The performance can only be described as a trip through time, beginning as she told stories of her parents, how they met and of her childhood growing up in Southern Tennessee.  Every story was accompanied by a song. Backed by her band, Dolly played many instruments, showcasing amazing talent with each new instrument. She played and eclectic mix of new and old music, spanning generations which kept fans entertained and involved.

Dolly, extremely comfortable on stage, was able to connect with the audience through her story telling and wise cracking jokes.

She was heard making quick remarks about herself and joking about the obvious.  She even took a moment to stop the show when she heard an audience member in the back yelling and shouting.  She asked “what are y’all yelling at me?”  As it was, they couldn’t see her in the position that she was in, and she told the crowd she would move around more.  Throughout the rest of the show she made sure to ask if they could see her.

Exiting the Colosseum, people could be overheard raving about the amazing show and the entertainment they had just witnessed. Overwhelming the merchandise booth, fans could be seen standing in line for shirts, CDs, and even sequined cowboy hats.

On the Pure & Simple Tour, Dolly Parton shows why she is still the reigning Queen of Country.

For a list of upcoming shows on the tour and to Pre-Order the Pure & Simple album, visit Dolly’s official page HERE