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Paul Van Dyk’s Politics of Dancing Tour

By Zach Hackett

If you want to see a truly world famous DJ and staple in the electronic music world, check out Germany native Matthias Paul, better known as Paul van Dyk. Paul van Dyk is going to grace the halls of Elektricity nightclub in Pontiac, which is only one of three stops on this side of the United States during his worldwide Politics of Dancing Tour.

Despite being raised behind the Berlin Wall in a country where record stores did not exist, Paul van Dyk sought out music as a child by secretly listening to Western radio stations. He transmuted that determination and inspiration into a wildly successful, Grammy Award winning DJing and record producing career.  His music can be found in video games like DJ Hero, the soundtrack for The Dark Night, and on playlists around the globe.

In 2001, Ministry of Sound released the first-ever mixed album by Paul van Dyk. It is two discs that add up to over 2½ hours of some of the most amazing trance compilations, and that mix became the first in a series known as The Politics of Dancing.  Since that time, he released one follow up album in 2005, The Politics of Dancing 2. During that year and the one to follow, he was named the world’s number one DJ. He is also is the longest running DJ in the top ten of DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ’s. After nearly a decade since that first Politics of Dancing, he has finally released The Politics of Dancing 3.

Paul van Dyk travels the world and back every month, which allows his music to touch every part of the globe in many different ways. He also makes significant contributions to the world’s people by dedicating songs to disaster relief, and by supporting social programs to help disadvantaged people in India, New York, and Berlin.

Paul van Dyk’s language of music is globally understood and he has shared it within every corner of our civilization. In just the last two weeks he has touched the U.K., Ireland, and Colombia on his tour, and is continuing the worldwide journey through December. Van Dyk says that this album has, “…given me the chance to be able to work with many producers that I’ve long wanted to collaborate with. It has brought about music that I am tremendously excited about, and I can’t wait to show you all what the Politics of Dancing means eight years after its last release.”

Paul van Dyk created The Politics of Dancing 2 and has shared it all over the world for the past eight years. He is now bringing us The Politics of Dancing 3 – an album that incorporates what the world has shared with him over those eight years.  -Zach Hackett

Catch Paul in 2013:

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